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We Deliver Exceptional Value.

Kronus GSL is your partner of choice for geological services in the local, regional, and international extractive industries.


With a primary focus on the oil and gas industry, we have consistently supplied high quality Operations Geology and Wellsite Geology services to some other industry's biggest players. We have worked in all onshore and offshore basins in Trinidad and Tobago ranging from shelf exploration to deepwater exploration and appraisal.


Our experienced consultants deliver best-in-class services and have served in various international regions including, but not limited to: Trinidad and Tobago; Guyana; Mexico; Tanzania; Libya; U.K; North Sea; Suriname; and Grenada.

  • Operations Geology

  • Wellsite Geology

  • Wellsite Surveys

  • Drilling HSE

  • Biostratigraphy

  • Petroleum & Reservoir Engineering

  • Technical Training & Writing

  • Upstream Petroleum Governance

  • Regulatory Framework Development

  • Acreage & Contract Management

  • Production Sharing Agreements

  • Competitive Bid Round Management

  • Hydrogeological Studies

  • Groundwater Resource Evaluation

  • Groundwater Modelling &            Risk Assessment                                   

  • Well Design, Construction &   Drilling Management

  • Dewatering

  • Aquifer Testing

  • Quarry Feasability and Design

  • Volumetric Assessments

  • Subsurface Mapping

  • HSE Management

  • HSE Auditing

  • Environmental Advisory

  • Environmental Impact Assessments

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