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Learn more about the Trinidad and Tobago Oil and Gas Industry

Ministry of Energy & Energy Affairs, Trinidad and Tobago

The MEEI is responsible for the overall management of the oil, gas and minerals sectors in Trinidad and Tobago. These sectors are the largest single contributors to the GDP of the country and the revenues generated provide the resources for the future development objectives of the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

The Energy Chamber of Trinidad and Tobago

The Energy Chamber of Trinidad and Tobago is the representative organization for the Trinidad & Tobago oil, gas, petrochemical and heavy industrial sectors. It is based in the Point Lisas Industrial Estate - a world class hub of the dynamic energy and heavy industrial sector in Trinidad and Tobago.

The Geological Society of Trinidad and Tobago

The Geological Society of Trinidad and Tobago is a professional and technical organization for geologists, other scientists, managers, other personnel engaged in the fields of exploration, drilling and production of hydrocarbons, and for earth scientists operating outside of the petroleum sector.

Trinidad and Tobago Energy Guide

The Trinidad & Tobago Energy Guide is the first energy directory of its kind in Trinidad & Tobago and the Caribbean. From 2001 onwards, the Energy Guide has firmly itself as a directory that lists the companies that operate with the energy sector; their services; contact information for their companies and key personnel.

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